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Conversation starters


Have you ever been stuck in that awkward moment where you want to start a conversation but you have no idea what to say? Obviously, the right thing to start talking about depends on the situation, but here are a few ideas. I’m going to use Jane and Gavi (two imaginary girls) as an example. Gavi’s in Jane’s science class, and Jane doesn’t know her very well. After class, Jane catches up with Gavi in the hall and starts a conversation.

Here are some things she could say:

  • “That was hilarious, what you said in class! I love it how you’re always the one to make science a little more interesting by saying something funny.”
  • Gavi! I’m sure you’ve already heard about this, but…can you believe that Mia and Henry broke up during lunch? I know you and Mia are best friends, so I thought you might know something about it.”
  • “Hey, Gavi. What class do you have next? I’ve got math. So totally NOT excited about that. Plus my math teacher, Mrs. Kim, always spits when she’s talking. It’s so gross.”
  • “I love your shirt, where’s it from?”
  • “Are you in my history class? We have so many classes together! That’s so cool.”

Talk to her as though you were talking to your best friend. The conversation should flow. If it doesn’t, then try to find out what her interests are and target that. “Hey, what soccer team are you on? I think we’re playing you this weekend.” or ” Ooh, that’s a cool necklace. Did you make it yourself?”

Here are some not-s0-great ways to start a conversation:

  • “Gavi, I love your jeans. And your tank top. And your shoes too. And that’s such a great hairstyle! You look amazing!”
  • “Why are you wearing a pink shirt on St. Patrick’s day? Don’t you know you’re supposed to wear green?”
  • “I like our science class. Mr. Ryan is so cool.”
  • “Here, do you want a bite of my cookie? It’s really yummy, I was eating it during science.”

Those examples don’t work because a) they’re too random, b) they’re kind of annoying, and c) no one really knows what to say to those things. Keep the conversation lighthearted and don’t forget to listen to the other person too. Laugh, smile, and nod a lot so they know you’re interested.


Remember: everyone is your best friend, so treat everyone like someone who deserves your attention and someone who you can freely talk to without feeling unsure of yourself. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have tons of friends! It really is as easy as that.


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