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Practice your poise

Look around at your classmates. Can you tell who is confident and who isn’t? Chances are the people you have labeled as confident are sitting up straight and NOT biting their nails or looking around all the time. This is called poise. And it’s really only takes practice to get the hang of it. Let me show you.

1. Find a seat that is the same as or is similar to the chair you sit in while in class. Make sure your back is against the chair. Now you are automatically taller and more poised. Sit close to your desk so you musn’t reach too far.

2. Analyze your usual expression in the mirror. Is it unfriendly? Does it make you look dumb? Find an expression that makes you look smart and approachable, and remind yourself all the time to look like that, and eventually it will be your normal face.

3. Biting your nails or your pencil is not at all attractive. Do whatever you can to break out of these habits, because they will only make becoming popular that much harder. Paint your nails, paint your pencil, just make sure you’re not biting anything.

4. Raise your hand in class! If you know the answer, or have a decent argument to make, say it! The worst that can happen is you will be wrong and people might act like you’re stupid, but only for five minutes and then they will absolutely positively forget about it. Really.

5. You have to feel confident on the inside too if you want perfect poise. Remember that you are smart and you know most of the answers and your opinion counts. If you believe it, then everyone else will too.

Hope that helps and please keep this tips in mind during class. Also, if you DO happen to chew your pencil or your nails, I am thoroughly grossed out and would request that you no longer visit my blog. Just kidding!


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