Your new favorite novel!

My favorite summer read is this fabulous book by Meg Cabot (author of the Princess Diaries series, in case you didn’t know) and it’s called How to be Popular. I love it because it is a very realistic story of a girl named Steph who I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to. Steph is pretty much a reject at her suburban high school after an incident that caused the most popular girl in school to completely hate her. She finds a book that tells her all about how to become popular, and she’s surprised to find that when she follows its instruction, she’s actually becoming well-liked and is making new friends and gaining confidence. It’s very inspirational for anyone who desperately wants to escape the past and have loads of friends, because that’s exactly what Steph is trying to do.

This book is a wonderful vacation read too, so pack it in your suitcase and remember that next year, you just might have a lot more friends than you did this year. Like Steph, you’ll throw old days away and enjoy a whole new lifestyle that is popularity.


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