Disco Glam

Disco fever!!! Go all out with sequins and everything sparkly and shiny. You’ll love this look because it’s fun, bubbly, and glamorous all at the same time. Here are some fabulous finds you’ll fall in love with.


Gold etoile ball earrings (Tiffany’s, $1,600)


Aqua sequin miniskirt (Bloomingdales, ON SALE $44)


*”Dog Sequins” Logo Tee by Juicy Couture (Bloomingdales, $66)


Whisper by Martinez Valero (Piperlime.com, $100)


Embellished Linen Shorts (Forever 21, $16)


Pink Sequined Headband (Cache.com, $20.30)

I absolutely adore this style and right now I’m keeping my eyes open for disco-fab items everywhere. The best thing is you can buy sequined things at all sorts of different shops, whether it’s cheap at Forever 21 or a real splurge at Tiffany’s (might be better as a very special gift instead!). Tip: If you like to sew, put sequins along the neck and hem of basic tank tops for a cool, homemade effect.

* This tee is for girls (sizes 7-16) so if you’re petite, maybe this is the perfect shirt for you!


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One response to “Disco Glam

  1. Sandra

    I could never in a millon years afford those earrings but I love the shorts and the hairband because they’re actually in my price range. 🙂 Hmm do you think they wold look good together with a pink shirt?

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