This may come as a surprise, but the colors you wear actually do matter when it comes to popularity. You will notice that most people are attracted to bright, bubbly colors. That means you cannot wear neutrals every single day, or else you will get a reputation for being boring. It’s important to know one color that really looks amazing on you. If you’re unsure about what color that is, use my guide below or visit this website.

If you have brown hair, then you will most likely look good in colors like red, purple, and navy. If you’re a redhead, then you will probably look excellent in pink, green, white, and olive. If you’re blonde, then colors like green, orange, and sometimes even yellow can look really nice on you. If you have black hair, then you can almost never go wrong with pastel colors. If you have dark skin, then you can wear brighter colors like hot pink, violet, and lime green, not to mention white. If you have tan skin (even if it doesn’t last very long!), then colors like white, yellow, and pink will look great.

Just a note: this is definitely a generic guide, so if you don’t think it fits you, then it probably doesn’t. You can probably tell yourself (or someone can tell you) which colors look amazing on you.

One more recommendation: see if you can find one color, just one, that looks brilliant on you no matter what and make a point to wear that color as often as possible. For instance, if your signature color was dark purple, then you could incorporate that color into every outfit, such as wearing a purple headband, a purple tank top, or purple shoes to spice up any drab combination of neutrals.

Adding a pop of color to your outfit is very important, and it’s a very in look right now. The television show Gossip Girl, well known for its ultra-preppy fashion, often shows main characters Blair and Serena wearing a pop of color. Here is an example:


Notice Blair’s red tights. They stand out and they’re unique, not to mention fashionable. Serena (on the left) has gold embellishments on her shirt which aren’t exactly a pop of color, but they have the same effect.

I hope this post inspires you to take a peek in your closet and see what color you wear often- maybe it could be your signature! If you find a color that’s perfect for you, leave a comment and tell me what it is, I’m curious to know. From the Queen Bee herself…Glinda.



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3 responses to “Color

  1. Paisley

    Heyyyy! Love the blog! I already have a signature color, yellow. I know daring right??? Haha but I can pull it off because I have really dark brown hair and tan skin even in winter! YAY YELLOWWW!

    • misspopular

      Paisley, yellow is definitely a daring color, but if you can pull it off, then go for it! Here’s one outfit idea: a yellow miniskirt (if you can find one) with a cropped gray hoodie and casual shoes. Just a suggestion! ~Glinda

  2. rachel

    hi my signature color is red like blare’s and I have practically a thousand red tank tops!!! LOL I wish I had an outfit like hers.

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